Scott’s Chili Rellanos


8 Anaheim or New Mexico Chilies (Canned or Fresh)
1 cup flour
12 large eggs
Cooking oil
1 lb. Monterey Jack cheese

The goal is to have enough egg batter to cover the chilies.  For 8 chilies, a dozen eggs should be sufficient, but the most important thing is to have enough batter to fully cover the chili. The batter should always be a ratio of four egg whites to three yolks.


If using fresh chilies, you will need to roast and peel them.  To roast, put chilies directly onto the burner at medium heat and blister them. To peel fresh chilies, place them in a paper bag after roasting, and let sit for a half hour, and then remove the skin and seeds.  Cut the stem end off, and continue as below.  If using canned chilies, they are ready for use immediately.

Cut Monterey Jack cheese into 3 inch long logs of about 1 inch square.  Gently insert the cheese strip into the chili,taking care not to rip the chili apart. A small tear is still useable. Dredge the chili in flour. Be sure to get it dry or the chili will fall through the batter you are going to put it on. Set the chilies aside.

Break the eggs and separate them into two chilled bowls.  Discard every fourth yolk (very important).  Beat the egg whites until stiff. Slightly beat the yolks and then fold them into the whites.  You do not want to flatten your whites by over mixing, but you do want the yolks thoroughly mixed back with the egg whites. This is your egg batter.

Heat about 1 ½ inch of corn oil in a deep frying pan. Make sure the oil is close to 350 degrees.  Take a large ladle and spoon a bed of the egg batter into a frying pan onto the oil.  You are going to give it 1 to 1 ½ minutes to cook before laying a stuffed chili onto it. Take care that the chili does not hang over the bed of egg mixture. Next, cover the top of the chili with additional egg mixture. After another minute, carefully lift one corner of the floating bed, and check for color.  You want it to be a light tan.  If it is, carefully turn it over and cook the second side until it is also a light tan. Then remove the battered chili onto a platter covered with paper towels, and drain.

They are now ready to be served. These chili rellanos can be covered with your favorite pre-warmed red or green enchilada sauce.  Sprinkle with shredded or grated Monterey Jack  cheese. Great with black beans or refried beans.

When we lived in New York City, this was a favorite brunch dish with our friends. In Maine, it became a dinner item.

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