Legend Has It …

Zapata & The Tortilla Chip

Legend has it that the revolutionary, Zapata, was sitting around a campfire one night with his troops.  They were very hungry, but all they had to eat were some tortillas given to them by a peasant woman.  Juan Moore, the cook for the hardy band of revolutionaries, was heating some cholesterol free corn oil.  He accidentally dropped a tortilla in the oil, and “voila” (Juan was part French) the Juan Moore Tortilla Chip was born.  It was eventually shortened to tortilla chip, though devoted fans will still ask for just “Juan Moore Chip.”

Montecito Roadhouse Tortilla Chips are still made the way Juan made them that night. (No,  not around a campfire.  We make them with cholesterol free corn oil.) And like those hungry revolutionaries, you’ll agree: They are Muy Bueno!