Montecito Roadhouse: Our Story

Our Founder & Our Tortilla Chips

The founder of Montecito Roadhouse, Scott Rehart, is from California, where Mexican food was prevalent, and tortilla chips were made by most families in the neighborhood where he grew up. Moving to the east coast in 2000, he opened a Mexican deli at the Portland Public Market in Portland, Maine. He served the tortilla chips he knew as a child, as a free accompaniment to the deli’s combo plate specials. By the deli’s second year, it became apparent that our tortilla chips had developed their own following. Customers would come to just buy the chips to take home with them for their own nachos and dips.

Expansion & Private Labeling

An independent distributor, serving Maine and New Hampshire, began selling our chips under the deli’s brand name to small gourmet and specialty food stores. Fancy Food Magazine recognized our El Mirador Tortilla Chips in an article on eight popular tortilla chip companies. In 2005, the company exhibited at the NASFT’s International Specialty Food Show in New York City and then began private labeling our tortilla chips for several large gourmet retailers servicing New England and Pennsylvania.

Little Mountain Cantina

As orders increased, it became impossible to run a small restaurant and manufacture tortilla chips. In 2006, the deli was closed and a manufacturing plant was created dedicated to making tortilla chips. Our new brand, Montecito Roadhouse, loosely translated as little mountain cantina, was born and packaged in our well known brown paper bag, sewn with a red thread. Our chips are now available in much of the northeast.